By the way, I’ve been writing for The Greenwich Sentinel

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Despite my lifelong intention to stay out of the way and not bother anybody, I have been writing for one of the local papers.

This has been fun except that journalism, when practiced properly, does indeed involve bothering people. Sometimes pestering them even. I have already had to talk to several strangers and also take pictures of people, and it has all been very challenging, but also fun.

True Kris Herndon completists must follow this link to¬†subscribe to the print edition of The Sentinel. I’ve already written about the organizer of the New York Tattoo Convention; a local author who fled the Castro regime; two very polite teenagers who raised a thousand bucks for the local VFW; a glamorous maven of sunglasses design; the awesome guys who rock the local School of Rock franchise; and THE SIGNIFICANCE OF BAGUETTES AS A POPULIST SYMBOL (really!). I also had an opportunity to ask the local Fire Chief (who is adorable) if he had rescued any kittens lately. I won’t spoil it, you have to buy the paper to find out what he said.

The Greenwich Sentinel is an actual newspaper, printed on newsprint, so if you missed all of that, I am sorry! My Mom might have kept a copy. Old School!

But this column I contributed about celebrating in tough times is still up online. Shouts to beautiful and wise Cathy Riva Bloomgarden for helping me out with it.

Don’t worry, I’m still doing all the other crazy stuff I normally do. I’m not going to morph into some kind of person-who-does-one-thing-only, never fear.

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