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Go here to find my latest contribution to the fabulous album cover website Cover Our Tracks (founded by my BFF, the noted and underrated cultural critic Loring Kemp).

At Loring’s behest I interviewed James Marsh, who is a wonderfully thoughtful artist and an inspired and inspiring storyteller. It was one of those interviews where the subject confirms your general sense of how talented they are and makes you feel awed and reinvigorated in your own work, because they’re so passionate and humble about what they do. Life-affirming!

As a side note, don’t you find that there are people who only remember Talk Talk for the megahit “Talk Talk,” which dear old Gwen Stefani covered whilst pogo-ing the Earth ever so subtly off its axis (thanks Gwen, now it’s Armageddon, but never mind)… and then there are the people who really know and love Talk Talk in detail and will sit and listen to “New Grass” with you and cry over the drums and the cymbals and how subtle and natural they are? Oh, is that just me and my little circle..? all right, then.

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