I did a social media shoot for Eileen Fisher

In June, I posed for a fun social media shoot for ultimate #coastalgrandmother brand Eileen Fisher, and the images are starting to go up. Click here if you’d like to see!

The First 100 Days

Last November, Vilan Trub reached out to ask if I would host the first episode of The First 100 Days for Insider.  Of course I said yes and had a blast interviewing Ryan Serhant, famous for Bravo’s Sell it Like Serhant and about a million other TV shows, as well as books, courses, and general…

Need inspiration?

Just a reminder that O’s Little Book of Happiness, available from Amazon and other booksellers, contains an inspiring essay by yours truly, as well as many other writers, including Neil deGrasse Tyson, Brené Brown, and Roxane Gay! You can also get it on Audible.

I’m featured on What She Does

This is a cool project — a blog, soon to be a book — that explores how work and life intertwine for women. Edited by Sharon Barr with pictures by Sharon Schuur, the project illuminates the sacrifices women make for family and career. Being a Mom, providing for and caring for my child, have had…

I wrote about zoning… but it’s actually really interesting!

I interviewed Sara Bronin, the founder of Desegregate CT, an organization that hopes to tackle the state’s affordable housing crisis through reform of land use laws. Check out my essay for Common Edge here.

Three of my drawings are featured in Loud Coffee Press

Loud Coffee Press is a literary magazine devoted to music and coffee. I love both of those things, so I submitted some drawings, and they are in this month’s issue! You can check it out here.    

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