Fundraiser for Shirley’s Kitchen Cabinet!

When you buy a Heart of a Lady, Mouth of a Sailor T-shirt, designed by Bryn Greenwood and me, the proceeds support Shirley’s Kitchen Cabinet!

I wrote about Bridget Romey for Newsweek

Check it out here:

Interview with Zaria Forman!

Click here to read an interview I did with the artist and environmentalist Zaria Forman. And if you haven’t already, check out her Ted Talk about climate chang

A little fundraiser I put together for The Earl.

I can’t believe The Earl* opened 21 years ago this summer. It’s been a bad year for small businesses, and so I made a little T-Shirt fundraiser for the staff at The Earl. I did this drawing of a cute guy grilling hot dogs and burgers 21 years ago and it makes a great T-shirt….

Bistro, Kiosk, Kayak, Coyote, Pagoda (or, an essay I wrote for Majuscule)

Bistro, Kiosk, Kayak, Coyote, Pagoda

I’m up on the Everlast blog, talking about assault and PTSD

My second piece for Team Everlast. I wrote about being assaulted, and what came after that.

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