By the way, I’ve been writing for The Greenwich Sentinel

Despite my lifelong intention to stay out of the way and not bother anybody, I have been writing for one of the local papers. This has been fun except that journalism, when practiced properly, does indeed involve bothering people. Sometimes pestering them even. I have already had to talk to several strangers and also take…

This was a ride, lmfao

An editor I like reached out for pitches about politics, and it was the 22nd of the month, when I do often find that I need a couple hundred bucks, and what the hell, I’d gotten wind that there might be some Libertarians in the bushes ’round here, so I beat the bushes a little….

More modeling stuff

This was fun, I wore some super nice parkas and hung out with nice people for pay. Obsessed with Holubar Deer Hunter jacket and also Holubar hats now!! Pics by Eric Kvatek.

Fundraiser for Shirley’s Kitchen Cabinet!

When you buy a Heart of a Lady, Mouth of a Sailor T-shirt, designed by Bryn Greenwood and me, the proceeds support Shirley’s Kitchen Cabinet!

I wrote about Bridget Romey for Newsweek

Check it out here:

Interview with Zaria Forman!

Click here to read an interview I did with the artist and environmentalist Zaria Forman. And if you haven’t already, check out her Ted Talk about climate chang

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