I wrote about The Heat for Team Everlast

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A while back, Team Everlast reached out to me. They’d found me through my 2018 piece about how boxing training helped me work through some trauma and trust issues. They asked if they could feature me as part of their Women’s Month campaign, and I said Hell yes! Then they told me Heather “The Heat” Hardy was also part of the campaign and I immediately started babbling like an idiot because I stan her!

Long story short, I got to interview The Heat by phone, but I was so shy I only asked her like two questions before I totally freaked out. But she’s a very cool and very tough lady, and I managed to get a few words out of it, and part of that is up on the Everlast blog now. More to come from me and Everlast.

This has been a really cool and empowering project and I can’t wait to share the rest with y’all!


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