A little fundraiser I put together for The Earl.

I can’t believe The Earl* opened 21 years ago this summer. It’s been a bad year for small businesses, and so I made a little T-Shirt fundraiser for the staff at The Earl. I did this drawing of a cute guy grilling hot dogs and burgers 21 years ago and it makes a great T-shirt….

Bistro, Kiosk, Kayak, Coyote, Pagoda (or, an essay I wrote for Majuscule)

Bistro, Kiosk, Kayak, Coyote, Pagoda

I’m up on the Everlast blog, talking about assault and PTSD

My second piece for Team Everlast. I wrote about being assaulted, and what came after that.

The Everlast “Be First” campaign

I’m excited to share¬†this video that the awesome team at Everlast created about me. It’s about boxing training, and how it helped me get on with my life after being assaulted. Shouts to Greg Loomis, Ryan O’Leary, Larry Barnes, and Champs Boxing Club for helping me out with it. Enjoy!

I wrote about The Heat for Team Everlast

A while back, Team Everlast reached out to me. They’d found me through my 2018 piece about how boxing training helped me work through some trauma and trust issues. They asked if they could feature me as part of their Women’s Month campaign, and I said Hell yes! Then they told me Heather “The Heat”…


The Kapital Global catalogue in which I appear is out, and it is amazing and it is called KRAZY HORSES. Yes, I continue to know that it is random that I modeled for this catalogue! I just want you to understand how cool this brand is. I’ve seen people like A$AP Rocky and Travis Scott…

Featured In..