The Kapital Global catalogue in which I appear is out, and it is amazing and it is called KRAZY HORSES. Yes, I continue to know that it is random that I modeled for this catalogue! I just want you to understand how cool this brand is. I’ve seen people like A$AP Rocky and Travis Scott…

I guess I should explain about Kapital!

In August, my longtime friend Eric Kvatek hired me to model some clothes for a Japanese clothing brand called Kapital. It was the most fun thing ever. The shoot was in South Dakota, in the Black Hills region. Anyway, that’s why I keep posting these modeling pictures on social media. That’s me with the white…

Kill, Crush, Destroy in the Rose Archive

I guess this falls under personal news: A long time ago in Atlanta, I drew this little comic called Kill, Crush, Destroy. It was about me and my friends Kristi and Preston making robots; it was sort of also about how much I hated grad school. I used to sell them at Criminal for $1.50….

I’m up on Cover Our Tracks

Today on Cover Our Tracks, I’m talking with Greg Wooten of The Window LA about his collection of defaced album covers, which has just been published in a book called Marred for Life. It was such a funny and great conversation and I’m so excited to share.

I’ve joined NYWIFT

I am now a proud member of the very cool organization known as New York Women in Film and Television. This feels like a moderately big deal, only because the application process is kind of involved (I had to provide references! And they actually contacted my references!) NYWIFT is best known for their Writer’s Lab…

I wrote for Refinery 29 about why women don’t come forward

I wish I didn’t have to write about things like this. But until we make a better world…

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