Kill, Crush, Destroy in the Rose Archive

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I guess this falls under personal news: A long time ago in Atlanta, I drew this little comic called Kill, Crush, Destroy. It was about me and my friends Kristi and Preston making robots; it was sort of also about how much I hated grad school. I used to sell them at Criminal for $1.50. Anyway, I still have a couple of copies, and I posted a cover on Instagram, and my friend Randy asked me to donate it to Emory. Randy is the Curator of an archive which I thought was called the Punk Rock Archive, but is apparently really called the Rose Library Modern Political and Historical Collection, which is a much better name. Anyway, the twist is that Emory was the grad school that I hated, although it’s never explicitly named in the comic. I believe that is called irony! Will add an image to this post later!

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