I guess I should explain about Kapital!

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In August, my longtime friend Eric Kvatek hired me to model some clothes for a Japanese clothing brand called Kapital. It was the most fun thing ever. The shoot was in South Dakota, in the Black Hills region.

Anyway, that’s why I keep posting these modeling pictures on social media. That’s me with the white hair! I am a model — ha, that’s fun to say. Yes, I am still a writer and this is still my website for my quite serious writing career! And, yes, I know that in this day and age, we’re all supposed to focus our personal brand and whatnot. That said, if anyone would like to hire or represent me as a model, please know that I am very professional and available, and will nail those early call times because I am too old to stay up partying!



I will post a link to all the pics when the Kapital catalog drops on NOVEMBER 1!!! The preview pics I’ve seen are amazing. Eric’s photos create a world you want to crawl inside and live there. So maybe there is some crossover between modeling and writing fiction? Also, the clothes are incredible. I wanted to keep them all.



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