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Last November, Vilan Trub reached out to ask if I would host the first episode of The First 100 Days for Insider.  Of course I said yes and had a blast interviewing Ryan Serhant, famous for Bravo’s Sell it Like Serhant and about a million other TV shows, as well as books, courses, and general Manhattan real estate madness.

What did we talk about? Ryan launched his own real estate brand, Serhant. during those first crazy days after the pandemic hit in 2020. The First 100 Days is all about the emotional roller coaster of launching a brand, so Ryan was the perfect first subject for Insider‘s new show, and had plenty to say.

Ryan, who is an absolute pro and gives a great interview, also happens to have THE MOST adorable office dog I’ve ever seen. You can check out his Instagram for pics of the pup!

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