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Sometime last year, I was cornered at a party by a man wearing a monocle, who asked me what exactly I did for a living. The target demographic for monocle manufacturers having shifted since I was a kid, the man in question was not a kindly old fellow in a waistcoat, spats, and a white mustache. Monocles, you may recall, enjoyed a recent Brooklyn-hipster resurgence, which has now trickled down to a certain breed of hip-yet-affluent creative-class suburb-dweller.

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What Boxing Taught Me About Love

I was 32 and living in Washington Heights the year I should have fallen in love. Something else happened instead: A man tried to rape me on my way home from work. It was mid-October, and I was walking in a park near the George Washington...

The Music Gear That Lashes Down A 26-Min...

Fourteen songs. Twenty-six minutes. That’s the set that Neon Christ is rehearsing for their Record Store Day reunion show.

Greenwich Hand Surgeon Designs New Wrist...

Dr. Wolfe, a Greenwich resident, is chief emeritus of Hand and Upper Extremity Service at the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) in New York.

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