I Work in Chaos: The Art of Lou Beach

I’m up on Cover Our Tracks with our last post of 2017. I got to interview the amazing Lou Beach, the collagist responsible for some of my favorite album covers, including the American debut from Yellow Magic Orchestra. Titling my pieces isn’t always my strong point, but this time the title jumped out at me….

For Talk Talk fans only

Go here to find my latest contribution to the fabulous album cover website Cover Our Tracks (founded by my BFF, the noted and underrated cultural critic Loring Kemp). At Loring’s behest I interviewed James Marsh, who is a wonderfully thoughtful artist and an inspired and inspiring storyteller. It was one of those interviews where the…

I’m up today on Cover Our Tracks

Go here to check out my interview with legendary illustrator Bob Pepper, up today on a great new blog courtesy of Loring Kemp. Cover Our Tracks is about album covers, mostly — but nothing about album covers is only about album covers… know what I mean?  

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